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Adrienne is an award-winning instructor and host of the national public television series Power Yoga: Mind & Body. She has worked with many professional athletes, as well as celebrities like Taylor Swift and Bob Greene (Oprah's Trainer).

Adrienne has an energetic and dynamic teaching style that encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone, try new things and enjoy where you are. She enjoys challenging her students, offering variations that will help every student feel their best while also having goals to aspire to. Her classes focus on strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.

As a busy college student and athlete, Jack frequently experienced extensive muscle soreness from strength training exercises. Seeking a way to alleviate the consistent pain, Jack discovered yoga. Only a few lessons went by before he felt completely renewed. Since then he has continued to practice yoga regularly as a way to balance his work out routine and encourages others to do the same. His teaching style incorporates basic yoga positions as well as athletic movement in order to create a class that is challenging physically and mentally.

Elaine's life has been dedicated to exercise and movement. She has been a ballet, tap and jazz dancer since age four. She became certified with Kelly Kane in classical pilates. Her classes are upbeat and positive incorporating balls, bands, circles and bars for a full body workout. She teaches pilates to improve functional stability and flexibility.

With a lifetime of training and performing in the disciplines of classical ballet, jazz and Middle Eastern dance, Lydia's love of movement is apparent in her approach to yoga. She began her study of yoga after attending a "Yoga for Dancers" workshop and soon found that the practice was even more fulfilling for her than dance - especially with its inward focus on self-acceptance and non-competition. In addition, her professional work in the Department of Aging Studies at USF has directed her toward helping others grow old gracefully through the use of yoga techniques. Lydia's classes reflect her passion for dance, combining fluid sequences and breathe with mental focus and spiritual intention.

Zen is a massage therapist and esthetician and believes in a balanced do no harm approach when taking care of her clients; her approach to yoga is the same.

Although she practiced at home and the gym for years, she did not really find her love for yoga until a life changing accident. Going from a very physically active person to not being able to move was both physically and mentally challenging. The doctors gave her many prescriptions for pain, did multiple surgeries but it was massage, meditation and yoga that she attributes to her recovery.

Zen believes by doing yoga, we can begin to appreciate the real state of our body and mind and the quality of our daily lives becomes very different. The inseparability of the “body-mind”, together with the need to retain our flexibility for life is the basic premise for her practice and her teaching.

As a fitness enthusiast, Nikki began taking yoga as a way to "spice" up her daily, mundane fitness routine. Falling in love with the practice from day one, Nikki now tries to ignite the same passion she has for yoga in others. Finding that it is a great way to step away from the chaos of our everyday world, she creates flows that incorporates breath work, classic yoga, and contemporary movements to invigorate the body and clear the mind.

Susanna took her first yoga class in 1991 in her hometown, Chicago. She was immediately drawn to it despite having absolutely no fitness background and many physical limitations. She has enjoyed learning body awareness and more about herself through her yoga journey. She became an instructor in Portland, Oregon where she taught for 13 years.
Susanna specializes in pose alignment and providing options to customize a pose to an individual's needs and limitations. Students in her classes utilize different muscle groups effectively while simultaneously relaxing the resistance of areas of the body that do not need to exert effort at a given moment. She hopes each student leaves her class with exercises they can repeat easily throughout the week.

Karen is an accomplished educator with a fifteen year teaching history. Always an active athlete, enjoying the gym and running, her life was impacted by a difficult car accident that ended her ability to do much of her previously favorite activities. Fortunately after many frustrating trips to numerous doctors and therapists without much improvement, she discovered yoga. In less than a month she was starting to see real healing results and after a couple months she was able to jog again. As time progressed, yoga allowed amazing recovery and she ran her first half marathon at Disney in 2012.
Yoga has brought Karen life balance, and she now runs at a pace of 1000 miles per year! Karen decided to become a yoga teacher to share her passion and love of yoga and enthsiastically share her knowledge with all. She brings an extremely high level of dedication, understanding of others needs at all levels, and creative flare to all of her yoga classes.

After being classically trained in ballet and other forms of dance for over ten years, Ali was ready to move on to the next chapter and found new love and adventure in yoga. After several years of study and exploration in her own practice, she progressed to teaching where she hoped to share the lessons and experiences she observed in her own journey with others. Ali's classes are a reflection of the balance she seeks to instill in her students. By combining several styles of yoga, breath work and internal awareness techniques, she is able to create a fun, challenging and fulfilling experience for yogis from all walks of life.

As a versatile endurance athlete and competitive dancer, Carolyn visited yoga studios sporadically to maintain flexibility. After an injury, her ability to continue many of the activities she loved decreased and she searched for alternatives. Once part of the corporate grind, she sought a more calm, balanced, and kind life. Recalling her happiest memories brought her back to her days of dance and ultimately to her mat. The focus, clarity and strength she found was life changing and her desire to deepen her practice and share yoga with others is a path she is thankful to walk down.

Carolyn's teaching style offers variety in an upbeat, positive atmosphere. Her classes challenge balance of mind and body awareness that will allow you to take the time to focus on you and appreciate the person you are while having some fun with your fellow yogis!

Margaret brings her extensive fitness background into her mindful and gentle yoga practice. Her classes consider the entire body and how to ease you into feeling great!

Kathy started her yoga practice after the birth of her second child back in 2011 after finding herself at a crossroads in every major aspect of her life. Yoga gave her an avenue to explore her connection with her true self, a gift that keeps on giving.

Kathy offers an alignment based teaching style focused on breath and conscious movement with variations to meet all levels. Kathy believes that yoga is essential for healing the body, mind, and soul through the integration of breath and movement and tuning into yourself at a deeper level.

Kathy's passions go beyond the mat. She loves to connect with people and help them to reach their best version of themselves. She is an avid reader and writer and spends her spare time learning and exploring ways to live a more authentic, peaceful, joyful life while traveling and taking pictures.